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...... Each automobile  is for him a challenge with many possible solutions. First of all, the way of positioning himself before each one to capture the spirit and be inspired by their characteristics; then he must draw a sketch and paint them with the maximum fidelity as to the form, but with a creative agility, avoiding affectation: and finally, Francisco Ferrando must comprehend how light, which is the origen of the life of nature, participates in the key moments of a portrait – each automobile is like a person – where the intimate sense  of life must be added to the physical characteristics.
The oils on board of Francisco Ferrando state desires and wishes, past, present and future; social circumstances of determined periods and adaptations to others which, at first, no-one even contemplated. They express realities and dreams, thus stimulating the belief that everyone can make of his life’s project a system coherent to the society to which he belongs. Each automobile painted by Francisco Ferrando serves to make one feel active and with sufficient capacity to enjoy the present moment yet able to orientate himself to the uncertainties the future offers.  The questions never completely disappear, but the most adequate solutions to each new situation may be found in these same questions, since the automobiles of this painter are dynamic without the necessity of speed.

Josep María Cadena
Art Critic


"BMW" II - 127 - 1938 | Oil/Acrylic on board
65 x 92 cm.
"JAGUAR" | Oil/Acrylic on board
65 x 92 cm.
"CITROËN" 11BL | Oil on board
65 x 92 cm



Avenida S'Agaró, 103

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